Diving Courses in Dahab

Diving Courses in Dahab

One can combine his holiday in lovely Dahab with learning how to dive in warm clear Red Sea pool.
We offer all courses from bigginers throu advanced, technical and trimix up to instructor courses in different systems: PADI, PADI Tec, TDI and IANTD.

PADI TecRec & Trimix Courses in Dahab

PADI TecRec Courses and PADI Tec Trimix Courses offer.

PADI DSAT TecRec Course

Courses should be orderred in advance by email and agreed dates, according to instructor availability.

Prices valid from 01.02.2013.

PADI TecRec Courses

Course Length Price
1 student
2 stud.< 

Discover Tec

1-2 dives  € 80 € 70  
  Try technical diving, how to set up equipment, how to dive with twinset and stage.  

PADI Tec 40 Course

3 days / 4 dives € 300 € 280 

This course is designed to train divers to use decom- pression software and dive computers to plan and make decompression dives with no more than 10 minutes of total decompression and not deeper than 40  m,


PADI TEC 45 Course

3 days / 4 dives € 340 € 320   

The aim of the program is to learn the skills and equipment needed to dive to a maximum of 45 m, how to plan and execute repetitive decompression dives using a single stage cylinder of EANx or oxygen to accelerate or add conservatism to the decompression stops and also prepare for and respond to foreseeable technical diving emergencies.


PADI TEC 50 Course

3 days / 4 dives €420 € 390  
  You will make actual decompression dives as deep as 50 m, use nitrox and/or oxygen for decompression, use decompression software to plan your dives, qualify to make technical decompression dives independently. Optionally, the last dive can be on trimix.  

 PADI Tec Deep  - TEC 40 - 45 - 50 Course

6-7 days / 10 dives
10 nurkowań
€ 980 € 890   Promocja
  Wszystkie trzy stopnie kursów PADi Tec (dawniej PADI Tec Deep) w promocyjnej cenie.  

PADI TEC Sidemount Diver

3 days / 4 dives € 340 € 320  
   You will learn in this course to handle multiple cylinders on a single dive. You can combine what you learn in the Tec Sidemount Diver course with other open-circuit tec courses that you take, or certifications you’ve already earned, to take advantage of sidemount’s cylinder configuration and handling advantages.   

Prices include: instructor fee, course and diving,  twin 2x12, stages, nitrox, oxygen, transportation from hotel and to dive site, weights, facility fee, PADI certificate.Prices exclude: PADI manuals, diving equipment.


PADI Tec Trimix Courses

Czas kursu Price  Price
2 stud.<

PADI TEC Trimix 50 Course

  New level of Trimix Couse        

PADI TEC Trimix 65 Course

2-4 nurkowania   € 570 € 540  
  This course opens up the advantages of trimix to the diver, and divers are qualified to make multi-stop decompression dives that employ EANx and oxygen for accelerated decompression, and any trimix with an oxygen content of 18% or more.
Ten kurs otwiera przygodę do nurkowań trymixowych. Nurek będzie kwalifikowany do nurkowania na 65 metrów głębokości na trimixie o zawartości 18% tlenu lub więcej i wykonywania wielu przystanków dekompresyjnych. Podczas tego kursu robi się dwa do czterech nurkowania w zależności od struktury kursu. Odpowiednik uprawnień Normoxic Trimix z innych organizacji,

PADI Tec Trimix Diver Course

5-6 dni 
8 nurkowań
€ 780 € 660  
  The PADI Tec Trimix Diver course takes you to the outer edges of technical deep diving, opening the door to pristine dive sites few divers – if any – ever see.
Podczas kursu nurek zyskuje uprawnienia do nurkowań na dowolnej hipoksycznej mieszance trimixowej, jako gazu dennego, oraz gazów dekompresyjnych bez ograniczeń czasowych w zakresie 90 metrów do 120 metrów głębokości przy wykorzystaniu deko plannerów, programów komputerowych oraz dekompresyjnych tabel i komputerów nurkowych. W czasie kursu nurkowania są planowane do głębokości 75 metrów..

Prices include: instructor fee, course and diving,  twin 2x12, stages, nitrox, oxygen, transportation from hotel and to dive site, weights, blending, facility fee, PADI certificate.Prices exclude: PADI manuals, diving equipment, student and instructor trimix fills (helium).


PADI Gas Blender - Enreached Air

1 day € 80    

PADI Gas Blender - Trimix

 1 day  €120    

PADI Tec Instructor Course

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