Diving in Dahab

Diving in Dahab

Sinai coast of Aquaba Bay offers excellent conditions for diving. Coral reefs are along all the coast. Most diving sites are possible enter just from the beach and you will find beautiful coral garden, incredible walls, caves and canyons.

Technical Diving in Dahab - Tekkies Paradise

Where ends recreational diving, technical diving begins - in other words: the art of how to dive deeper and longer and come back safely to the surface.

Our Technical Instructor rpeparing 2x20 LTwin and Stages
Wagner, Dahab
Yoorek, Dahab
Yoorek, Dahab
Planet panel, Dahab
Stage8L, Dahab

Dahab gradually becomes a Mecca for technical divers - the so-called "Tekkies“. There are many interesting deep dive sites available straight from the shore here, where "Tekkies" can reach by jeep. Endless decompression stops can be spent observing life on the reef, instead of "hanging" on the lines in the empty depths. And after the dive, comfortably in the restaurant you can sip tea and breathe oxygen
Also, the atmosphere of Dahab is as if created for "tekkies" - relaxing, unique. Evenings in the traditional Dahab restaurants flow slowly when telling stories and planning interesting dives. Only some diving centers in Dahab provides sufficient and professional support for the tekkies.

Technical Diving Center

Planet Divers has successfully obtained a Recreational Technical Diving Service Provider Certification (RTDSPC) from CDWS for the following:
1. Teach technical diving courses.
2. Organize guided technical dives.
3. Blend and/or sell diving gas mixes such as: Nitrox, Trimix, Heliox and O2 for diving.
>>Complete Tech Pricelist in PDF


All technical divers has to present and proof:
1. Dvers training level and proof of diving experience
2. Dive plan incl. gases caculation, backap and emergency plan
3. Proof of diving insurance covering the team for thr plsnnrf msx. depth.
4. Tech divers has to use proper equipment and redundant life saving equipment.
We can email you complete requirements, which tech diver has to sign.

Depth Limitation

Certification level or equivalentPADI Tech LevelMax. depth
Advanced NitroxTec 4040 m
Decompression ProcedureTec 4545 m
 Tec 5050 m
Extended Range or eq. 55 m
Normoxic Trimix 60 m
 Tec Trimix 6565 m
Full TrimixTec Trimix100 m

Planet Divers do not recommend deeper dives then levels above.
For dives to the depth 110 - 130 m we requirred dive plan and runtime at least 3 days before the dive, and plan has to be approved by CDWS and/or DAN Regional Partner.
Planet Divers do not recommend nor support any dive deeper than 130 m. 
>>Complete Tech Pricelist in PDF

Filling Station Planet Divers

Since year 2000, preparing mixtures for technical diving is being done in our diving center. Our blenders have gained rich experience and are certainly among the best in Egypt. There are of course helium and oxygen analysers. Each diver should analyze his gas mixture and sign in the Blending Logbook.

Blending Nitrox and Gas Pro Panel L&W
Wall mounted panel for safe and easy partial pressure gas blending (40-99% Nitrox, Trimix, Heliar, Heliox) fitted with accurate digital pressure gauge and extra air filter from the compressor.

Membrane Nitrox filling system
Since January 2011 we installed membrane for filling Nitrox 32% for recreational diving. Due to the fact that Nitrox 32% is included in the price of the diving package, we prepare everyday lots of Nitrox tanks.

Oxygen Booster Pump
Now we can easy fill deco gases and oxgen fills upto 200 bar.
Of course we also do not dump your expensive trimix, we can easy top your new mix.!

Equipment for Technical Diving

Besides the basic diving equipment, our diving center has special equipment for technical courses up to the needs for trimix dives.

Scuba Tanks for Tekkies

Twin-Sets for Technical Diving
Usually available is 20-25 oxygen clean twinsets with manifolds, but we advice to book twinsets in advance.
2x11,3 liter aluminum with manifold
2x13,5 liter aluminum with manifold
2x15 liters steel with manifold
2x18 liters steel with manifold
2x20 liters steel with manifold

Stage Tanks
Aluminum LUXFER 6, 8, 10 and 12 liters (40, 50, 60, 80 CUF) with valve DIN / INT – oxygen clean and compatible, suitable for decompression gas and travel gas.

SidemountWe have arund 20 taniks with left and right valve for sidemount diving,

Other Tech-Equipment

Regulators Apex and Scubapro with long hoses, oxygen clean/compatible.


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