Diving in Dahab

Diving in Dahab

Sinai coast of Aquaba Bay offers excellent conditions for diving. Coral reefs are along all the coast. Most diving sites are possible enter just from the beach and you will find beautiful coral garden, incredible walls, caves and canyons.

Recreational diving

Sport or Recreational diving is an interesting activity, how to spent holidays at the seaside with group of friends or family. You learn a lot and meet many new friends...

Rekreační potápění, Dahab
Meeting with turtle
Diving in Dahab: Raya
Night diving in Dahab 

There are more than 20 dive sites around Dahab we can visit by car, all within 10-40 minute from our diving center, and dive of shore. The most famous places are: Islands, Eel Garden, The Canyon, Blue Hole and The Bells. Our customers can choose where they want to go the following day, or we can advise the best place for the next day, according to their certification level and weather conditions. Of course all dives are suitable for Nitrox.

Diving requirements


Diving qualification and logbook

Before first dive the divers have to identify us with their diving certification and logbook. We accept all international diving certifications.



Check Dive

If your last dive was more than 6 months before, we require a Check Dive (for free) to refresh your memory and some skills during first dive on house reef.


Safety and Environmetal Rules

We have to carre about reefs and sea life. Divers cannot touch anything and collect anything underwater. Max. diving depth is alowed according to diving licence - it means for recreational levels maximum 30 m, for Deep Diver upto 40 m. We reccoment to use Nitrox for all your dives.
For safety purpose Planet Divers provide for all groups our diveguide. He is mainly responsible for your safety during diving. He also carre about your tanks, timing, transfer, permission for some diving sites and last, but not least, briefing before the dive.

Diving organization - Shore Diving

First day divers are diveded to small groups according to expierience level and together with guide you can disscuss your packge program (divi site, safari). Planet Divers arrange morning transfer from your hotel to dive center. Usually divers are leaving center for two shore dives in small groups with their guide. 
Between dives you can order some drinks or lunch in small restaurant near the dive site. After second dive you transfer back to dive center, where you can wash your equipment and hang to dry.

Sea Conditions

Water visibility varies from 20 m to 30 m or more. Water temperature is 27-28°C in summer, and 21°C in winter. > Temperature Table.


Pod hladinou, Dahab

Exchange Rate

100USD17620 000
100EUR21104 500
100GBP23906 400
100RUB306 500